This site was set up as a way to remember people that the SQL Family have lost. The goal is to provide an ongoing memorial for them as a way to remember them fondly.

The repository is located here:

If you know of someone that is missing from this list, please create a new post. Instructions for creating a post are here: creating a new memorial post

If you wish to add a thought, memory, or picture of someone listed, please feel free to fork the repository and submit a Pull Request with the changes for that post. Some basic instructions from Rob Sewell here.

This site was set up by Steve Jones @way0utwest. If you have any feedback, comments, or suggestions, please contact him.

Thanks for Todd Kleinhans for his #sqlmemorial work and videos on Youtube. I also want to thank Jen MCown for the tributes in her SQL Yearbook.

The site is powered by Jekyll. You can find the source code for Jekyll at GitHub: jekyll